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Welcome to the Blanco Law Office - Defense Attorney

We are a Fort Collins practice whose mission is to fight and protect the rights of the accused. We are skilled in defending criminal charges from DUI defense, domestic violence, misdemeanors, felonies and juvenile delinquency. Regardless of what type of charge it is, we are senstive to the effect these accusations have on your life and we pride ourselves in providing a strong hitting defense while supporting our clients through this difficult time.

Awards and Professional Recognitions

Susan Blanco was honored with the Character In Action Recognition by the mayor of Fort Collins for her demostrating the character of benevolence: "Giving to others' basic needs without having as motivation personal reward." In 2015, she was honored with Colorado State University's Bill Ritter Public Service Award for helping people through the legal system. Also in 2015, Susan Blanco was honored by the ARC of Larimer County for strong legal advocacy. She has also been recognized by the Office of the Child Representative for her advocacy of abused, neglected and delinquent youth in the face of adversity.

Fort Collins Attorney with Experience

Susan Blanco is an experienced attorney with experience as a former Larimer County Prosecutor. Let her experience work to your advantage. She is an experienced trial attorney and works hard to deliver outcomes. In addition to her skills in advocacy, Ms. Blanco has helped in numerous legal trainings and is a juvenile law professor at Colorado State University. She is well versed and provides much knowledge to guide her clients through the legal process.

We Want to Help You - From Traffic Matters to Felonies

The Blanco Law Office is backed by the experience and expertise it takes to deliver case altering results. We offer our services in all areas of criminal law - from traffic matters to misdemeanors to felonies. With extensive trial experience on all kinds of criminal charges, we have earned a reputation for ourselves and can handle any kind of criminal case with confidence. Our firm is dedicated to providing you assistance from the moment your case begins through the conclusion of your case- you can call on us anytime you have questions or concerns. We want to help you.

Schedule a Free Consultation Now!

The law does not rest and neither do we. We know that often times the most critical time for your case will be at the beginning. You need immediate expert advice from the moment authorities are trying to question you as often those statements are most damaging to your case in the long run. We highly encourage you to call and set a consultation. You are not alone and we encourage you to call us regardless of what types of questions or concerns you may have. We want to help you. We at times can accomodate evening or weekend appointments.