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Juvenile law is a specialty area and arguably one of the most important areas of law. A child’s criminal history will follow them into adulthood and could impact their ability to receive financial aid, scholarships, college admissions, military careers and job opportunities.  Protecting their future is of the utmost importance.  Sometimes children do not realize how serious the impact of these accusations can be on the rest of their lives.  It is our job to help protect them and their future.
When it comes to experience with working with children, Susan Blanco is a specialist.  Susan has not only worked as a prosecutor in juvenile court, but the Courts also trust her as an appointed advocate for children in her capacity as a guardian ad litem.  This means that Susan is used as a voice in the system to advocate for what is best for a child.  Her work as an advocate leads her to working with children of all races, socioeconomic classes and mental health needs.  Ms. Blanco is a member of the National Association of Counsel for Children and is certified nationally to represent children.  This means that in addition to the bar exam, she has passed an additional test of proficiency in working with children in delinquency, neglect, and abuse cases.  Call for a free consultation and analysis of your child’s case.


Parents should be aware of their rights.  When your child is in juvenile court it is likely that you will be listed as a respondent.  You could be responsible for the cost of your child’s crimes also known as your child’s restitution.  Because you are a respondent that means you are under the purview of the court and can be ordered to engage in any therapeutic, educational, community programs the Court believes is necessary for the best interest of your child.  You could be asked to submit to breath or urinalysis.  You could have your child removed from your custody through the course of the case.  If you are a parent that would like to discuss matters further regarding your rights, call for a free consultation.




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