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If your being charged with a crime that is alleged to have occurred when you are under 18 (regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor or felony) then the government may have charged you in juvenile court. You should be wary of the long ranging effects this charge will have - you may want to apply for college and have to disclose the adjudication (this will not be a conviction if it is in juvenile court), you may be relying on student loans and no longer qualify for them if you plead to certain types of cases, or you may have to disclose this information during a job application.

If you are charged with a serious crime (usually a crime of violence) the District Attorney alone has the option of whether to move your case to the adult court system. Even as a juvenile you are facing adult consequences that are fixed to your adult criminal history. Now more than ever you need specialized in juvenile law and sensitive to the alternatives that are available to juveniles caught in the adult system.

Ms. Blanco is an experienced
criminal defense attorney who previously prosecuted cases in juvenile court and is able and qualified to handle cases involving juveniles. Come in and speak with her about your case- the consultation is free and may help you have a better understanding of what your rights are and what you can expect during the course of a juvenile case. We want to help you with your case - call us and set up your appointment today.




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